The sweatshirt, a multiple of 4 at Christine

Le sweat, un multiple de 4 chez Christine

This week, Christine, revealed fantastic maker potential! With our bespoke sweatshirt pattern, she creates a first cotton fleece piece that fits her like a glove. To take her measurements, she enlisted the help of her husband, who scrupulously followed the video tutorial for taking measurements. 5 minutes and 4 working days later, she receives the unique pattern pieces and the instruction booklet at home. She chooses a duck blue cotton fabric, on which she will embroider her "little happiness" motorcycle. The sweatshirt assembled, she writes on her blog:

"The build is just perfect, I have small shoulders, I'm thin but with chest and there everything falls perfect the first time!!"

Sweat sur-mesureEpaules ajustées  

We thought the story was over, when we see little by little appearing on his instagram account 3 other variants! Gold in silk velvet, black in milano jersey, rust in structured jersey. And there his passion for the sweatshirt begins. We can't stop it anymore. She who resigned herself to wearing only one of these timeless basics, for lack of adjustment. To tell the truth, Christine, like any good person living on planet earth, is between two sizes. She not only has difficulty getting dressed, and even more so finding the right pattern for her size. While with the boss La Pcs

"The shoulders, the bust, the waist, everything being at the right height, I feel good and elegant in a sweatshirt"

She wears it with fluid high-waisted pants and a midi skirt, under an open cuddly coat. Naturally we love her colourful, elegant and well-fitted creations! 

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