Easily recycle your clothes

La Piece x Giving Back: a simple and cost-effective solution to recycling your clothes

Did you know ?

Today, 70% of our clothes end up in the trash, or nearly 500,000 tons per year. At European level, 4 million tonnes are thrown away each year.

While all these clothes can be recycled by Emmaüs, Secours Populaire or the Red Cross. The recycled clothes are either turned into money to help these organizations, or sold in their own shops, or even donated in developing countries.

This is why La Piece is working with Redonner to offer a simple and easy solution to recycling clothes.

A very simple process in 3 steps:

1) I drop off my clothes at one of the many collection points (15,000)

2) I send a photo to unlock my benefit

3) I receive my reduction as a thank you

Quick and easy validation

1. Take a picture of your donation bag in front of the collection point

2. Send the photo by email to redonner@redonner.Fr

3.You receive your discount code within 24 hours

The answers to your questions :

100% of the clothes are collected by associations or companies in the sector approved by ECO TLC, then sorted by hand to be resold to second-hand or textile recycling players.
The objective is to maintain a recovery rate above 90% (ie. give new life to more than 90% of the clothes collected). As for textiles that cannot be carried over (~ 50%), they enter the recycling channel to be cut, shredded, frayed or crushed and transformed into rags, insulation, new clothing or secondary raw materials.
Approved in 2009 by the public authorities, Eco TLC relies, in order to carry out its general interest mission, on all the stakeholders in the Textiles, Linens and Footwear (TLC) sector, from the designer to the recycler. It acts as a "linker" to place this sector in a partnership dynamic of progress and value creation: to set up an innovative and sustainable model, a driver of activity and economic, social and environmental performance