La Pièce Paris : les origines de la marque

In 2018, a Parisian couple passionate about urban getaways decided to revisit sports clothing by adding a touch of eco-design, while encouraging elegant micro adventures.

Therefore La Pièce saw the light of day, with the creation of the CAMDEN hat made from marine waste, ideal for outdoor activities. Inspired by the emblematic neighborhoods of cities such as Gracia, Rivoli, Diagonal or Angel, they combine their love of city travel with a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic.

Following its mission to guide its community in the urban bustle towards moments of freedom and relaxation, La Pièce offers a range of jackets, bags and sport chic outfits for outdoor activities, while encouraging the exploration of micro adventures.
Whether in the city or in nature, the brand invites everyone to rediscover spaces of freedom and to live unique experiences, all with style and elegance.


La Pcs know-how: chic minimalism for bodies in motion

With 6 years of experience in the fashion and sportswear industry, co-founder Ange, in collaboration with his wife, a former French athletics champion (4*100m-UGSEL 1997,1999), has imagined outdoor pieces that combine movement, urban style and chic micro adventures.

Their obsession with movement is reflected in the first Gracia and Diagonal collections, offering a harmonious balance between dynamism and elegance.

For bodies with spirit

All clothes La Pièce are designed locally in France, in an eco-design approach, favoring sustainable materials and a reduced carbon footprint.

The brand carefully selects premium eco-designed fibers to make eco-friendly bags and jackets, allowing micro adventure enthusiasts to dress with style and ethics.

For example, to design the first hat from marine waste, La Pièce works in collaboration with Seaqual and becomes one of the label's first French clients.

In 2020, the company also chooses ECONYL® yarn, a nylon regenerated from fishing nets, carpets and industrial waste.


The sports wardrobe revisited

By using eco-designed fibers, La Pièce revisits the classics of the sports wardrobe in an urban sport chic style, perfectly suited to micro adventures. The brand offers lightweight, versatile and comfortable jackets, practical and easy-to-carry bags, as well as stylish sportswear without annoying seams.

Each piece stands out for its unique aesthetic, combining chic minimalism with technical details, ideal for experiencing micro adventures with sophistication.
By integrating the concept of chic micro adventure, La Pièce allows city dwellers to connect with nature and enjoy unique experiences during short getaways.

Whether for a mountain hike, a bike ride or a walk in the forest, clothing La Pièce offer the perfect blend of functionality, style and respect for the environment. Monochrome colors, combined with careful details, coordinate perfectly with everyday outfits, designed for movement, providing timeless elegance for micro urban adventurers.