Fabrication Française

Breaking news. The trend in recent decades has been to relocate to countries with low production costs. This leads to two problems. 

The preservation of craftsmanship. How will the historical know-how of couture in France be passed on to future generations?

The carbon footprint of our clothes has become very heavy. A t-shirt that travels an average of 10,000 km before ending up exposed on a rack

Workshop specializing in warp and weft, pants and accessories

Indre, 36700 Chatillon sur Indre

Workshop specializing in knitwear and technical clothing, t-shirts and sweatshirts

Somme, 80110 Moreuil

Workshop specialized in warp and weft, small accessories

Charente-Maritime, 17210 Chevanceaux

Workshop specializing in technical clothing

Savoy, 73000 Barberaz

Coming from a long tradition of sewing, there are still 8,000 seamstresses and experts in this field in the region, such as French fashion schools (ESMOD, Chambre Syndicale de Paris) and training organizations (the Jean Luc François Incubator )

Going back to made in France not only makes it possible to bring old techniques up to date, but it is also the certainty of having a quality product, unique and original that cannot be found anywhere else.

The partner workshops of La Espace Paris bring the French tradition up to date by manufacturing clothes locally in workshops in France.