Dans les coulisses de La Pièce, du made in France

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All the clothes are designed locally, in the La Pcs workshop in the bustling Latin Quarter in Saint Germain des Prés.

The models are designed, modeled and prototyped specifically by the team. These unique pieces are then developed in specialized and human-sized workshops locally in France.

At La Pcs, we are committed to supporting local businesses and contributing to the French economy. We work with local artisans and businesses to cut and sew our pieces.

We work in France with mainly three specialized workshops. These are:

  • Roanne (Loire, 42) - where waistcoats and jackets are made
  • Angoulême (Charentes, 16) - specialized in accessories and bags
  • Craponne (Rhône, 69) - specialized in accessories and bags

Workshop training

La Pcs Paris manufactures high-end products to best serve its customers. La Pcs Paris works with local workshops in France to promote job creation and support local communities. The label manufactures locally thanks to workshops located in the Charentes, the Loire and the Rhône

The workshops have an extensive training plan to equip new workers with the required skills. 

For each production, time is dedicated to manufacturing quality control and compliance. This ensures that the products we manufacture are of high quality. Its motto is to grow with its local communities and above all, to give women, young people and people in difficulty a job that gives meaning.

Intergenerational transmission

Young apprentices have the opportunity to learn the intricacies of sewing, from basic stitches to more advanced techniques, while benefiting from the experience and knowledge accumulated by their elders. This guarantees the sustainability of this fine craftsmanship and ensures the maintenance of excellence and innovation in the field of sewing in France.

Intergenerational transmission in the sewing trades in France is a precious heritage that has been perpetuated for decades. The craftsmen, true guardians of traditional know-how, have played an essential role in the preservation and transmission of sewing techniques to future generations. Through family ties, formal or informal apprenticeships, and internships in renowned workshops, this transmission takes place directly and indirectly.


In addition to being local, our production is partly solidarity-based, more than a third of the production is carried out in a solidarity economy approach: socio-professional reintegration of disabled adults.

At The Piece, we work with organizations that provide work opportunities to marginalized members of society. For example, the Craponne workshop employs women, people with disabilities and that of Angoulême in the neighboring town. We are proud because it helps build resilient communities

Lastly, priority is given to quality by maintaining high production standards, in line with its policies of manufacturing excellence.

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