A single stroke, yours!

un seul trait de patron

Between two sizes, small chest, saddlebags. Did you think that sewing would overcome the problems of ready-to-wear and finally be able to make your clothes tailor-made? And very bad news.

Even in sewing, pattern editors only offer standard sizes. Referring to a measurement chart, you will cut your pattern on the line corresponding to "your" new size. 38 with one publisher, 40 with another, sometimes 36. But what do we do when our body does not fit into the same box? Do we change the line? Do we cheat, do we cut in the middle?



Unless you have many years of expertise, even a pattern maker diploma, or even have a degree in math, it is impossible to calculate and adjust the given pattern scientifically. There is no way to get a pattern fitted to your measurements.

We are betting on offering the unique pattern to everyone. Our bosses do not have 7 traits but only one. Yours !