A timeless piece transformed by Sarah, fashion hacker

Un intemporel transformé par Sarah, hackeuse de mode

The first words of the title Sarah, by Charles Aznavour, were "in the tailor's shop..." Sarah we know lives in the south, rides a bike to work, a bank, and definitely doesn't need a tailor! For 3 years, she has been spending her weekends sewing, alongside her young photographer husband, and her cat Noisette who is simply adorable. Her dream: to design her own wardrobe and go to fast fashion stores for “only inspiration”.

Sarah imagines and chooses the pieces she wears according to the trends of the moment, but also according to her state of mind. Sarah definitely has style. Even more, she creates and imagines her clothes according to her morphology and her way of life. And like she says, she hacks everything she finds.

We see her wearing basics: the little black dress, an A-line skirt, or brown high-waisted pants. But sometimes, with a smile from ear to ear, she dresses in flowery bombers, sports jogging and a leopard jacket. Like a designer, she moves away from prescriptions as soon as she can. And on the verge of creative rebellion, she can't help but personalize everything.

sweat sur-mesure

Feeling the freshness of winter hitting the turquoise coasts, she decided to make her own tailor-made La Pcs sweatshirt from a patron unique. A perfect order for the modeling team because Sarah is (very) small (it's not us who say it), thin, and has an average build. The typical case of the person between two sizes. We love it!

Unsurprisingly, Sarah sets about transforming The Piece Sweatshirt! The custom pattern received, she chooses an anthracite black fleece fabric.

What she liked the most: the simplicity of the assembly, to give free rein to her imagination.

It's nice not to think about what to cut in length or whatever!

Thus, the variation begins: from the neckline, she adds a fine English embroidery. On the back, she cuts her sweatshirt in half, adds facings, then scrolls up and down a series of golden buttons. The result: impressive, elegant, and, of course, well put together.

Sweat sur-mesure La Pièce

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