A guide to horseback riding in Normandy (part 1)

Un guide de la randonnée équestre en Normandie (1ère partie)

Welcome to this beautiful place, with beautiful landscapes, interesting culture and lots of history. Normandy is the ideal place for horse riding.  You will enjoy riding horses here thanks to its hills, sandy beaches, green fields and thick forests. 

There is something that every rider can enjoy regardless of experience and skill level. 

This article will help you plan the perfect equestrian adventure in Normandy. Get ready to explore. It doesn't matter if you've been riding for years or just started. It will help you discover your trail. So saddle your horse and let's set off for the magic of Normandy!

The Normandy terrain: a rider’s paradise

Normandy is a perfect landscape with its green meadows and beautiful beaches. Wandering through rural areas you will discover attractive villages, traditional farms and flowers. There are also roaring waves, forests filled with animals and incredible views.

What are the conditions for horseback riding?

The Norman natural environment lends itself perfectly to equestrian activities of all kinds. The completely open sections and neat, maintained routes make traveling on horseback easy, whether beginner or expert.

The silky sandy beaches offer a unique opportunity for a refreshing stroll by the water, while the forest routes offer a relaxed escape into nature. With its gentle hillsides and winding paths, the Normandy spaces invite you to slow down and enjoy every second of your walk.

What to see along the route?

You will discover an endless number of places and attractions that highlight the cultural and historical diversity of Normandy while traveling through its varied terrain. There is plenty to see while traveling, from the famous Mont-Saint-Michel which rises magnificently from the sea to the famous D-Day beaches where Allied forces landed during the Second World War.

Other highlights are the small fishing villages where you can stop and discover regional areas of expertise, magnificent castles and pretty medieval villages. Whether you are fascinated by the magnificent landscapes or the interesting past of Normandy, traveling through its landscapes will surely leave you with a wonderful memory.

Choosing the Perfect Itinerary for Your Adventure

The excellent equestrian routes in Normandy have been created to suit tastes as well as skill levels. Everyone can find something to see and do on horseback, from peaceful country lanes through charming towns to seaside routes with stunning views across the English Channel.

Finding the best route requires careful consideration beforehand. Check the landscape, some trails may pass through sandy beaches, while others pass through forests. Consider the difficulty level of the course, especially if you are new to riding or haven't done much riding. Make sure the ride length and fitness level fit into your schedule.

Preparing your horse for the ride

Before starting the horse riding adventure in Normandy. It is important to ensure that your horse's health is good for the ride. See a veterinarian for regular checkups to ensure your horse is fit to ride, and stay up to date on vaccinations to protect your horse from common illnesses.

Equipment and saddlery

During the ride, it is crucial to choose the harness and equipment adapted to the comfort and safety of your horse. Before you go riding, check your horse's saddle, bridle and other equipment for proper fit and working order. You can choose suitable equipment such as bags and vests from La Pièce or opt for chest bags, designed to carry all your essentials.

What equipment for your horse?

Carry your horse's needs to be comfortable and safe throughout his ride. This includes plenty of water and food, hygiene products, a first aid kit, safety equipment (like blankets or fly masks), and medications. Remember to take into account the weight and balance of your horse's pack so that your horse does not suffer any injury or pain.

Exercises for the horse

As well as ensuring your horse is in good physical condition, this plays a major role in preparing him for the ride. Exercises that improve your horse's power, endurance and flexibility, allowing him to better handle the demands of travel.

Make the health, safety and comfort of your horse the first priority to experience a successful and enjoyable horseback ride in Normandy. With proper preparation and maintenance, you can safely enjoy the trails and stunning scenery of this magnificent region with your equestrian partner.

Take a safe ride

Are you ready to embark on an equestrian adventure through the magnificent landscapes of Normandy? Before getting the seat, it is important to prioritize safety. Here is the complete guide to ensure you get a safe and enjoyable drive.

Learn the regulations and customs surrounding horse riding in Normandy before setting out on the equestrian trails. To preserve the natural beauty of the area, follow specified routes, respect pedestrians and respect shared trails.

Always keep a list of emergency contacts, including local veterinary services, horse rescue organizations and emergency medical services. Knowing who to call in the event of an accident or unexpected emergency can save your life. Knowing who to contact in the event of an accident or unexpected problem can save your life.

Basic first aid kit

Carry a first aid kit with supplies for you and your horse. Bandages, cleaning wipes, and pain relievers are all needed for minor injuries. Include emergency horse supplies such as horseshoe cleaners, horseshoe boots and wound treatments.

Normandy's unique landscape offers excellent driving experiences, but it also presents challenges. For proper control and stability when riding on rocky or uneven surfaces, have a level seat, shift your weight evenly, and employ proper riding methods.

By following these safety tips, you will be able to fully enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Normandy while protecting yourself and your horse friend. Prioritize safety during your horseback riding in Normandy, whether through the green fields or along the seaside cliffs.

Create bonds with locals and other riders

Experience the adventure of horse riding in the charming landscapes of Normandy. Delve into the region's colorful past and incredible beauty as you tour famous attractions. 

Relax with seasonal dishes like Camembert and apple cider and relax in charming country hotels. Connect with helpful locals and experienced riders, sharing experiences and advice along the journey. Riding horses throughout Normandy is more than an experience; it is an unforgettable experience that includes history, cuisine and culture.

Tracking your horse 

After an incredible and exciting ride in Normandy, it is very important to rest and take care of your horse. Here are the things to do:


  • First walk your horse for 10 to 15 minutes to cool down. Then give him water and a comfortable place to rest properly so he can be stable.
  • Gently brush your horse's hair to help remove dirt and sweat. Check him for injuries, especially to his paws and hooves. Give them a good quality meal and plenty of rest to sleep.
  • Think about your ride, the good things you had, and what was taught during the ride so you can experience even better rides in the future.
  • Plan your next rides to different locations to discover new trails or participate in local equestrian events. Keep exploring new things and have fun with your riding partner.

By learning from these tips, you will be able to take care of your horse and gain a better experience. Normandy is great and amazing for horse riding that you will never forget!


Horse riding in Normandy is an experience that will reward you with lasting impressions. Thinking about my vacation, my horseback ride through Normandy exposes the beautiful landscapes and long history of the region. From the magnificent mountains of Étretat to the calm meadows of Mont Saint-Michel, every moment was picture perfect.


Driving on the wide beaches and seeing adorable little villages hidden in the dense forests were the highlights of the tour. However, I appreciate the little joys more, like playing with my horse in the dark.

Trusting your horse and enjoying every moment is the most important advice. Surprising events exist on the trails of Normandy, so get ready to try something new and let the excitement build naturally. Ride with pleasure!