Behind the scenes of the #DoWhatYouLike campaign

Dans les coulisses de la campagne #DoWhatYouLike

A few days before the launch of the first orders, the friends of La Pcs Paris are mobilizing. Stylist for one of the biggest Parisian ready-to-wear brands, independent cabinetmaker trained by a best worker in France for the other, and former cook for starred chefs... Our ambassadors and promoters of the first collection have spent the day under the spotlights of the La Espace workshop.

Why them? They work with their hands, they live to create, and they create to live. Their raw materials: felts, linseed oil or olive oil. They take risks, seek authenticity and convey what they love through objects. And that can be read in their eyes.

Behind the camera of Carlos Martin Diaz, photographer and friend from Andalusia, they tell us what they do, what they need, and what they feel when they work.

Body lapieceparis shooting photo

Céline - Former cook, in a bodysuit

Fuseau lapieceparis shooting photo

 Mathilde - style director, with the spindle

sweat lapieceparis shooting photo

Therry - ebony, in sweat

We thank them very warmly. Find the shoot in the lookbook from the #dowhatyoulike campaign