The Mani-bike

Hello, we are La Espace Paris, a new clothing brand for relaxed and stylish urban cyclists.

We design clothes for rabid bipeds to stay visible, dry and stylish all year round. Basically, we are fans of fresh air, freedom, cadence punctuated by the movement of the pedals, and above all, of “makers”: those who do. We are convinced that ecology goes through sustainable mobility.

To honor the benevolent act of all urban cyclists, the minimum is that they have clothes that snap! La Espace Paris follows pop, rock and liberated trends, and unearths ethical, recycled or vegetal materials. 

We like black, pink, crop tops, headbands, and especially reflective strips. They are abused without moderation, but always placed in the best place. The whole team travels by bike, picks up their basket at Amap on Wednesdays, grows grass at their window and above all prefers to buy directly from the producer.

But beware, we did not choose the path of moralizers, but the track of champions of action. By joining this mani-bike, you will press the "Reset" button to build the future.


Hélène Bussy-Socrate, co-founder of The Piece