The idea behind the “I am what I wear” T-shirt

L’idée derrière le T-shirt « Je suis ce que je porte »

At La Pcs we believe that bodies have spirit and that clothes tell stories. An intriguing T-shirt is often the start of a conversation and more if you like ;)


Wearing ethical clothing means sharing your ideals!

We are going to talk to you about our new T-shirt, going through a bit of philosophy and pop culture on the back of a chameleon.

1. Modern fashion, ancient wisdom

I am what I wear, does that ring a bell? It is a pastiche of a phrase attributed to Hippocrates, the great philosopher and physician of ancient Greece: you are what you eat.

He also said "let your food be your first medicine". So obviously eating a pizza queen does not make us a bacon but the idea is still full of common sense. Our health, our appearance, our mood depend to some extent on what we ingest.

And our clothes are the same: what we wear says a lot about who we are and what we do. It is worthy of the wisdom of Socrates. By the way, the founders of The Piece are called Socrates! Ethics is genetic? Fortunately no, anyone can decide to be ethical.

#IamWhatIWear #IWantIWill

2. Popular wisdom version 2019: clothes make me

There's a reason for all the time we spend getting dressed in the morning! Even if being well or badly dressed is subjective, and it only affects our freshness on the surface: there is always a way to make up for it if your cousin lent you something that sucks. Conversely, sorry man, if you're well dressed but the conversation doesn't follow, it's a shame.



-Hello toa I fe to you huh?

-Mmh you're more beautiful when you close your mouth it's a shame


Our outfit is our first impression on strangers; it is our recognizable style for our acquaintances; it is a set of memories for our loved ones.



Even if the clothes don't make the Beyoncé, it still matters... The queen bee always comes out covered. (Much to the chagrin of the paparazzi)


3. Environmental Wisdom

What we eat influences our mood, the appearance of our skin, our present and future health, and even those around us: we give ideas to others; we buy in conventional shops or in cooperatives, it has environmental and social impacts.




We eat every day, and we dress every day too... What if fashion changes its vibe? Inhuman in many ways (sweatshops) and 2and most polluting industry after oil, it's average as a flirt argument. And yet, as Rihanna says, fashion is drag.

4. Enough Wisdom: Send the Music

We don't just live on love and fresh water: we also have to be well dressed.

 Fashion is like music, it's made for fun. One outfit, one mood!



The freshest of sapeurs: the chameleon or asleep for those who will recognize themselves ;) His outfit is worthy of the best fashion designers... #jealousy #attitude #unbothered