History of the Panache shoot in Paname: the ostrich.

Histoire du shooting Panache à Paname : l’autruche.

For the Panache à Paname collection, we wanted to show Paris 06 as we experience it on a daily basis. 6th for us, it's not just a place where tourists rush to buy luxury bags or chocolates. It is a micro-city, where many cultures, art and street art, inhabitants, neighbors and merchants meet.

Why La Hune? The old bookstore has been a cultural and historical symbol of Paris since the 1950s. This first bookstore gallery propelled the works of the most inspiring writers of the time and of the district (Sartre, Dubuffet, Picasso, Breton, etc.). In November 2017, a tragic fire destroyed the building. The whole neighborhood is devastated by the disappearance of this little corner of intellectual escape which has been fighting for decades to survive.

The ostrich, this big-eyed queen brightens up the place for a while. While waiting for a makeover, a street artist Matt-thieu puts his stamp. The spot is well found. A black background for a dandy ostrich drawn in white chalk. With “Madame Gertrude” the ostrich by Matt-thieu, the old bookstore comes back to life. The drawings of the chalkists are easily erasable, and therefore, of an ephemeral nature. Matthew's ostrich stares at us for a while. He explains on his site "His faces adopt a neutral and peaceful posture, turned towards passers-by, inviting them to take a step back from their daily lives. »

Un artiste de rue Matt-thieu


The Piece takes a step back posing in their unisex "Come Back Simone" sweatshirt. The 100% cotton sweater made to measure for Marie, with direct textile printing, and orange ribbing. Taken place Saint Germain des Près, renamed Place Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, we wanted to salute the work of the feminist. Between Madame Gertrude, this assertive ostrich and this intellectual Hune, the woman calls for a symbol to speak again in 2018.

The product. It was a man who ordered and assembled the limited edition sweatshirt. He started completely in sewing. The pieces were cut from a single pattern with Marie's measurements. Step by step, he learns to pin the pieces by following the instruction manual. With the La Pcs sweatshirt, he learned how to hem, apply an elastic ribbing, attach sleeves, and above all how to please.