How to wear your custom Trapeze Skirt?

Comment porter sa Jupe Trapèze sur-mesure ?

This weekend, La Espace Paris hosted a Tailor-made Skirt workshop at the Carreau du Temple, the streestyle and cultural spot of the Marais in Paris.

The 10 participants designed their A-line skirts in corduroy, with a metallic zip. They had at their disposal: a made-to-measure pattern, a meter of upcycled fabric, an instruction booklet, two mi-michocos and the advice of two animators, who were very fit.


The motorcycle of the day, "you don't leave without your skirt"! At The Piece, we opt for an Anglo-Saxon pedagogy. We go for it, we make mistakes, we have fun and then we learn. Nice result.

But, once the skirt is up, when and how to wear it in style? Here are some tips from our stylist.

"The trapeze skirt can be worn with or without tights, and closed shoes such as sneakers, derbies or doc martins, or open sandals with high heels (very high!). For spring, dare to wear visible socks, and wear them with a sweater tucked into the belt. Finally, the long coat is more appropriate to wear her short skirt! It will highlight the articulation of your beautiful knees."

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