6 good reasons to wear linen

6 bonnes raisons de porter du lin

(We put 6 because we are tired of always doing things in 3 :))


- Linen is naturally thermoregulatory


Linen is very pleasant in all seasons: it is soft on the skin in winter and does not make you sweat in summer unlike synthetic fibers.


- Linen is elegant in all circumstances


In addition to letting you breathe thanks to the ventilation of the fibers, it does not let you down when it is really hot. It absorbs moisture and leaves no streaks.


- Linen is beautiful


Before even talking about the fabric, the plant itself is aesthetic. The flax flowers are all delicate and of an exquisite blue-violet that evokes the sky and the sea. Here we see them looking cute on their green carpet.

 credit: StudioNormandy


Besides, you have certainly already passed in front of a field of flax: France is the world's largest producer of flax. About 60 farmers grow it to supply the 10,000 or so companies spread across the European Union.


But not only in the landscape of course: the texture of the linen fabric is similar to canvas; well cut, it is very elegant because of its structured suppleness.



- Linen is resistant


The 17 sails of the Hermione, the frigate of Liberty, are in linen, that is to say!



This is the ship on which the Marquis de Lafayette embarked in 1779 to support the insurgents during the United States War of Independence, and which was rebuilt from scratch in Rochefort from 1996.

Photo credit: lecourriercauchois



...We also find it on the other side of the Mediterranean: the Egyptian mummies have come down to us thanks to the solidity and resistance to wear and tear of this textile... it preserves.


The Egyptians called it "woven moonlight": it was valued for its quality and nobility. White linen symbolized purity, it dressed the pharaohs and priests of the goddess Isis, to whom the creation of the pretty plant is attributed.


We'll tell you more about the history of linen in a future episode...